Round and round it goes…

I started this endeavor in 2016 to set up an online space to change the vibes in my own life. Somehow it was quickly abandoned to other things and I let everything go. Life is distracting. I was half way there but not ready I guess. Life takes us all over the place and often in cycles. Seven years later I am at this place again.

I realize it is up to me to make a change and to create a new vibration if I want it. We were born to create and the real plan for all of us is to be happy. By nature, I am quite shy and regular Facebook has never been my thing. I would rather stay very private or at least not bother people with my posts and thoughts. Here I have the chance to broadcast vibes far and wide and no one will see them unless they go looking for it. Problem solved. No longer a bother. The benefits of all of us putting out more positive ideas and vibes helps us personally and globally more than I think we even realize. I hope others join with me in making an online space (there are TONS of free websites available – Google sites for instance) where they can just express gratitude and share love of life publicly online. I feel like it could have an exponential effect.

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