My hope is to create a positive space for me and any others who happen upon this site. May we all create more love in our lives to last our whole lives long – and beyond…

The love also comes from gratitude. Gratitude generates a higher vibration to lift us closer to love. Thus, this site is also heavily gratitude based in the blog area. I desperately need to keep up the grateful feeling whenever I possibly can. I like the a website makes it feel so exponential. So much better than just writing it on a piece of paper because it can more easily be shared. Somehow that feels good. As we work to lift ourselves to higher ground perhaps we can share the journey with any random person who may benefit.

So this site is my creative space to create what I use to help lift myself and I know it is a step in the right direction for me. I’ve been to too many low places for too long and I know we can humbly create something better, higher, and lighter.