I am grateful for every one willing to give me a chance

Wow. Every day I realize more and more how incredible life is. How much I am grateful for anyone to even acknowledge me and how lucky I am for any one who gives me a chance to show love to them. I’m trying to keep my eyes open and just bring all the bright lights I see around me together. I just want to see people as they are and love them and be with them and be able to experience life with them. I guess I just want to dance with the stars that we can make the world brighter without erasing the pain that created us. My tear well ran dry from tears and pain yesterday. I finally realized everyone really has a limit how many times they can hit rock bottom before they just need to rest and recharge and I’m ready to rest from the trouble I’ve been in. Please just give me some time to love and help the people around me to grow.

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